The goal of orthodontic treatment in childhood and adolescence is either to prevent or treat malformations of the teeth and jaw. An early visit to the orthodontist makes it possible to detect possible misalignments in good time. The growth of the upper and lower jaw can thus be positively supported and possible dental malocclusions corrected. The pulling of healthy teeth or surgery is rarely necessary.

Fixed Ceramic/Metal Braces

Orthodontic treatment with fixed braces makes it possible to perfectly correct all malocclusions. Fixed braces consist of so-called brackets, which are attached to each individual tooth. Subsequent insertion of the arch wire will apply gentle forces on your teeth, which will move them to the correct position. With the self-ligating high-tech bracket systems we do not need additional metal wires or rubbers to insert the arch wire and your teeth can slide painlessly along. In addition, our brackets are preprogrammed so that no additional auxiliary wires or complicated loop bends are needed. This makes short treatment times of about 1 year for complete tooth and jaw reshaping possible. Another standout feature of ceramic brackets is the fact that they are matched to the colour of your teeth and are thus almost invisible. This allows you to remain confident despite braces.

Invisible Braces

Unlike the fixed braces that are visible on the outside, the so-called lingual technique is a treatment method in which the fixed braces are attached on the inside of your teeth for the duration of the treatment. Thus, this technique provides orthodontic tooth correction that is completely invisible from the outside. The method is particularly suitable for our young patients, because during their treatment they can present themselves confidently to their friends, at school, at college or in a professional environment. For the treatment, we use equipment that is customised for you (WIN Lingual System). The brackets of this system feature an extremely flat design and high wearing comfort. The orthodontic arch wires are customised for you and guarantee minimal pain and biological tooth movement. Due to the special steel alloy, this variant is also a comparatively inexpensive alternative to other systems. With the lingual technique, all dental malocclusion and jaw anomalies can be corrected and tooth damage can be avoided.

Invisalign Teen/Invisalign

The aligners used in the Invisalign procedure are transparent and almost invisible plastic splints with which malocclusions can also be corrected in adolescents. With this method you can act confident during your treatment. The braces are completely removable and brushing teeth is also no problem. Since no metal parts are used, there are no sores in the mouth. No metal and no wires mean that you have to spend less time in the practice. Before the start of treatment we will discuss your treatment plan together with you. Then each aligner is specially made for you under medical supervision and must then be worn for about 1–2 weeks. As a result, your follow-up appointments with us are greatly reduced and, step by step, you reach a beautiful and confident smile. Whether an aligner treatment makes sense in your individual case can be best determined in a personal consultation. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Holistic Functional Orthodontics

This type of treatment is used for mixed dentition (approx. 9–12 years of age) with removable appliances. The removable braces are custom-made for you out of acrylic and can be put in and taken out by yourself. With good cooperation and a wearing time of about 14–16 hours daily, we will achieve alignment of your facial and soft tissue growth and increased stability of your bite. The appliances we use for this treatment include the Bionator/Activator, the function controller according to Prof. Fränkel and the Twin Block. These appliances are categorised under the term “biological” functional orthodontics. Clenching causes stimulation of your jaw and immediate muscles. This results in remodelling of your jaws and muscles. The cheek, tongue and chewing muscles trigger therapeutic stimulation and clenching brings the lower jaw into the correct position.

Early Treatment

An early visit to the orthodontist in childhood (4–9 years), while deciduous dentition (baby teeth) or early mixed dentition is still in place, facilitates successful treatment of dental and maxillary malocclusions. Among other things, baby teeth have the task of holding the space for permanent teeth. But if baby teeth are lost prematurely due to tooth decay or trauma, the resulting gap must be treated immediately with a space holder. Other indications for early treatment include a crossbite where the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth, an increased overbite (> 9 mm), a reverse overbite where the lower front teeth are in front of the upper front teeth and an extremely open bite. Often, your dentist will give you the first indication of the need for an early orthodontic treatment for your child with a request for presentation to the orthodontist. Of course, you can also arrange an appointment with us directly. Let us assist you.

Myofunctional Therapy

The term “bad habits” summarises all habits that adversely affect physiological growth processes in the mouth and jaw area and lead to anomalous tooth and jaw development in infants.

    These include:

  • Sucking (thumb, fingers and objects)
  • Chewing fingernails
  • Lip and tongue biting
  • Tongue pressing
  • Sucking lip and cheek
  • Abnormal swallowing (visceral swallowing pattern)
  • Mouth breathing
  • Premature or early loss of deciduous teeth

Together with you and your child we find a suitable way to release his or her “bad” habit. For this, we predominantly rely on pedagogical and playful approaches. Through timely diagnosis and therapy we can prevent extensive orthodontic treatments later in life.

Removable Braces

Many malocclusions can be treated and the growth of jaws can be supported with the help of removable braces, even in young patients while their teeth are changing. Often, this can prevent pulling teeth and surgery later in life. You can easily remove the braces for eating and brushing your teeth. All braces are custom-made for you out of acrylic, holding and active elements in our own dental laboratory. You can decide yourself if your braces should be flashy and colourful or rather a little more discreet – almost anything is possible! For a visible result after only 2 months, your cooperation is required. To ensure the success of the therapy, you have to wear your braces daily for 14–16 hours.